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Kimberly Dawn Iverson, RN
Founder & President

Hospice and Palliative Care RN, Kimberly Dawn Iverson established Bucket List Foundation (BLF). Kimberly began her career in 1995 as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She returned to nursing school and achieved her RN degree in 2006. Over the past 20 years, she’s experienced other fields in nursing, but finds Hospice care to be where she is most passionate. Kimberly says, “I feel blessed to be a part of providing patient care at what I feel is one of the most intimate times in one’s life.” When serious disease strikes, most think of its physical effects. Hospice serves to address not only the physical, but offers emotional and spiritual support as well. However, in working with terminally ill patients and especially our senior citizens, Kimberly has developed a deeper compassion for and greater understanding of this generation. She began to question her patients if there is anything in their lives they wish they could do or experience. Kimberly says, “Most are not looking for a grandiose wish. In fact, many of the responses seem like such simple requests; however, because of their poor health and physical limitations, financial means or emotional outlook on life, these simple wishes seem unattainable.” After volunteering her own time and resources to help fulfill some of these last wishes to her patients, Kimberly discerned this vision to be much larger than she could do on her own.

In October 2011, Kimberly launched the foundation with a vision to enrich the lives of terminally ill seniors by offering HOPE to fulfill a dream or meet a need that otherwise may not be possible. BLF is reuniting families, offering once in a lifetime experiences, and providing hope to senior citizens at one of life's most fragile and lonely times. BLF is truly making a difference in the lives of this forgotten generation. This generation is our parents, our grandparents, our heritage. They served our country and fought for our freedom to build this nation. They fostered strong family values and served our communities to provide a better tomorrow for future generations.

Bucket List Foundation was created to make a difference in the lives of our senior generation, especially for those who've given life their best and now face the end of this journey.

Kimberly continues her work as an RN providing Hospice Nursing care to seniors in AZ. Kimberly has four beautiful children; Zachary (19), Allyson (17), and twins Abigail and Ethan (13) and lives locally in Scottsdale, AZ. "I've actively encouraged my children's involvement in BLF's mission in one form or the other”, says Kimberly. She says of this senior generation, “I hope to teach my children at this young age and those who come in contact with me to respect, give to, love and appreciate a generation which has given so much to ours."


 "Living each day to the fullest because tomorrow isn't promised."


Kimberly has received National recognition for her philanthropic work and servitude in our senior community.
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