Meet our Volunteers


Mary Carrico | RN 

“What drew me to Bucket List Foundation was the vision and passion the organization has for turning a dream into reality and for giving hope to those who may have no hope left. Nursing is so much more than just tending to a person’s physical needs. Bucket List Foundation provides that essential part of caring to one’s emotional well-being that, in turn, enriches the quality of a person’s life. To be a part of something this amazing is both a privilege and an honor."

Mary has lived in Arizona since she was a young child and currently resides in the West Valley with her husband and cats.

Mary came to Bucket List Foundation through an internship opportunity in January 2013 as a student nurse and soon exceeded her course requirements of completing a one credit hour semester. Her passion for helping others shone through as she was eager to jump right in and learn the ropes of how to fulfill wishes. When her internship ended she stated, “Please don’t let this be it; you’re not getting rid of me!” She graduated in May 2014 from her nursing program at Scottsdale Community College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing. She is currently working toward her Bachelor of Science Degree and is expected to graduate from Northern Arizona University in December 2014.

Mary has extensive experience in office work and operating a business. Her past work experience includes owning and operating a martial arts school. She says she has always had a passion for helping others and enjoyed teaching individuals of all ages and abilities. She loved working with children, seniors, and those with special needs and has built life-long friendships with many of her students.

Mary plans to stay committed to volunteering as much as possible. She states, “Bucket List Foundation has been a life-changing experience; not just for the seniors and families we serve, but for me as well!” Welcome to Bucket List Foundation, Mary Carrico! We are grateful and blessed to have you a part of our work with seniors in our community!


Kim Henning

“I watched the Katie Couric Show in October 2012 only because one of my favorite singers, Amy Grant, was a guest. Bucket List Foundation was also featured on this episode and I was immediately drawn to this organization. I “liked” the BLF Facebook page and began following the different wishes being granted. Years ago my parents requested that, instead of Christmas gifts, my sisters and I share our many blessings and pay it forward. When I read about “Charlotte’s Wish” I knew I was meant to support this effort of reuniting a mother in Arizona with her daughter from the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged east coast. Having family, friends and my roots impacted by Sandy and wanting to provide tangible and immediate help in the relief efforts, having just lost my Godmother to a lengthy illness, and being 1 of 4 girls just like Charlotte had… I truly believe that God is at work here – in all of the little ironies and circumstances that have come together to create my BLF story. Whenever I see a posting on the BLF page about the passing of a wish recipient, it really hits home: these folks were real people with real hopes and dreams. I think that is one of the most special aspects about BLF - that each person is unique and special and deserving. My own life experiences have taught me to make the most of each day. I feel blessed to be a part of Kimberly’s vision and BLF’s mission of granting wishes to terminally ill seniors and honoring the generation that has paved the way for us.”

Kim was born and raised on Long Island, NY but has resided in the Reading, PA area since college. She is the youngest of 4 girls and proud aunt to 8 amazing nieces and nephews, and enjoys spending time with her family. She works as an independent IT consultant, currently specializing in software compliance in the life sciences industry. Kim loves traveling, baseball (specifically the NY Mets), and photography – and loves it even more when all 3 are combined! She is rarely without her camera. Kim has become known as BLF’s “East Coast Ambassador” as she spreads awareness of our mission across the country with the program Kim initiated, BLF “Traveling T-Shirt.” Kim challenges you to join her in wearing the “What’s on your Bucket List?” t-shirt and check things off YOUR Bucket List!


Debbie Dollmeyer | RN, MSN, ANP-C

“Kimberly and I first met back when she was a nursing student and I was her clinical nursing instructor at the hospital. What made a lasting impression on me was Kimberly’s passion for caring beyond the patient’s physical needs. I recall a specific circumstance in which she was assigned to care for a patient on the heart transplant waiting list who had suffered some medical complications. The patient had voiced to her the desire to see his dog ‘just in case I don’t make it,’ and she immediately came to me with enthusiasm to find out what we could do. We worked together with the staff nurse to see if the physicians and hospital would allow a pet visit, but our requests were denied based on the patient’s condition. When Kimberly voiced her frustration to me over the inability to grant the patient’s very simple wish at such a critical time in life, I told her that maybe she could make a difference in situations like this when she becomes a nurse.”

“I reconnected with Kimberly a couple of years ago after seeing her on the local news discussing her Foundation and the work that they were doing with terminally ill patients. My first reaction was, ‘She did it! She is making a difference!’ I knew right then that I would have to find a way to be involved with Bucket List Foundation in some capacity.”

Debbie comes to BLF to help with our Program Development and Funding Coordination, along with helping to grant wishes. Debbie is currently a Professor of Nursing at Scottsdale Community College in charge of the Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing program for which she performs didactic and clinical education. Debbie also coordinates the Student Nurse Cooperative Education program that initially allowed Mary Carrico, RN to become involved with BLF.

Along with her extensive background in healthcare, nursing, and volunteer work that dates back to 1980, Debbie offers a wealth of business, organization, and administrative experience from the three construction and real estate-related businesses she has co-owned with her husband, and from her Legal Nurse Consulting practice.


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