Bucket of Love

Bucket of Love is a community outreach program designed to further extend our mission into our senior community with the hope of sharing God’s love to a generation, which has given so much to ours.

This program started in December 2013 when BLF Volunteers came together, assembled and delivered Christmas buckets filled with cozy fleece blankets and goodies for the holidays to homebound seniors in AZ. These Buckets brought tears of joy, hope for the holidays and in some cases, we learned was the only gift a senior received. We determined our mission must continue all throughout the year in celebration of special occasions honoring seniors on their birthdays and on holidays like Valentine’s Day when this generation is often overlooked.

BLF partnered with two elementary schools and engaged students to create hand-made cards to accompany each Bucket of Love. The students were so touched and inspired; they eagerly volunteered. This was an amazing opportunity for BLF to foster kindness respect, compassion and giving back by empowering our children to be part of making a difference in the life of senior citizens in our community. In addition to the hand-made card from an elementary school student, each Bucket of Love contains various items specific to the special occasion BLF is honoring the senior.

Please consider helping Bucket List Foundation continue this outreach by getting involved or making a donation. Together WE can make a difference in the lives of our senior generation. Bucket List Foundation is Granting one wish at a time, Changing one life at a time, Impacting society’s view on aging by shifting the focus to ‘Living each day to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised.’


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